The Garri Diaspora

The explanation of Garri origin has been an enigma to everyone who has tried to understand it. The complexity of pinpointing a location where Garris originate can lead to numerous confounding answers. There are countless factors that contribute to creating this puzzle of Garri origin, and one already mentioned factor is the lack of documented history. Another factor, which needs further exploration, is the Garri Diaspora, or the dispersion of Garri people from their original homeland.

The most significant and most talked about dispersion of Garri people is known as the Kedh Gurai. This is the great migration of Garri people, and it is a well-known tradition that is verbally passed on not just by Garris but also by the Borana, Gabra, and Sakuye. According to sources the Rendille, Ajuran and Garrimaro also share this tradition.

The Gabra people of Ethiopia, who are currently categorized as a tribe of the Oromo ethnicity are originally Garri. In the Garri and Gabra’s natural setting of Badiya (villages), there are certain aspects of establishing identity. The most important aspect of an ethnic background is genealogy. The Garri genealogy counts back to Tuuf and Quran; Tuuf devides into the family of Ali and Adola while Quran is divided into the families of Furkesha and Assare.

Notice: None of the above mentioned Garri tribes having any link, genealogy or “traditions” that establish relation to the Dir, Darood or Hawiye of Somalia. The relation is only based on political and geographical claim.

The Gabra people also divide into Tuuf and Quran and deeper into Ali & Adola, and Furkesha & Assare… etc. Furthermore, each Garri tribe has a Sumudh, which is a symbol burnt onto the animal to show which tribe it belongs to. For example: the Sumudh for the Urdeq clan of Quran is a straight line down the hind leg of the animal. The Sumudh for the Maqabille clan of Tuuf is the arabic letter د dhal with two dots on top, this is burnt onto the neck of the animal.

The Garri and Gabra not only share the same genealogy but the same Sumudh. An animal belonging to the Urdeq of Gabra or Garri will have the same Sumudh so that their livestock can be recognized as a belonging of the same people.

It is up to all Africans to free Africa from colonial instilled ideas of separation and division within the people across the entire continent. Furthermore, it is the African people’s responsibility to recognize the corrupt intentions of our own leaders who spread particular ideas not for the well-being of the people but their own personal gain. It is time for leaders to correct misconceptions left behind by the colonialist, rather than encouraging division of the people in order to fulfill a political agenda.


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