Garri Alligiance

A few years ago I was shown a video of a Musician who is “Oromo” but sings in fluent Somali. Not being a fan of Somali music, I immediately dismissed the incident and moved on, until tonight when that artist came up in a conversation. Click Here to watch a video of him. His name is Ahmed Yare, and I was surprised to find out he is actually Garri but does not speak the Garri language; I was informed that he is Garri from Somalia and he is married to a Somali woman and only speaks the Somali language. In the past I was told he was Oromo, and therefore this is a perfect example of what this blog is all about. No matter how much a Garri assimilates into Somali culture, at the end of the day they will either be refered to as “Oromo” or seen as an outsider. While randomly searching the internet I came across a book titled “The Invention of Somalia“. Although I haven’t read the book yet the title says a lot; on one of the pages the book talks about people of different origins who were added into the Somali tribes just to create a clan structure. There is tremendous doubt on the theory of Garris being Somali mainly because something just doesn’t add up. Garri elders do not wish to hear this and get irritated very quick if you question what they tell you. They try to stop further investigation, and attempt to limit Garri origin to a made up story that has never made sense.

I received a concern from Abbawarrana who says “… leave the Garri name alone Otherwise, if you are the Garri individual, and do not know or have materials relating to the Garri people, please ask someone who may help you in obtaining it”. Abbawarrana I need you or any other elder who is supposed to preserve our identity to give me and the younger generation information that is legitimate and is not based on your political allegiance. The story about Garris being Somali son of Gardhere and so forth, seems like a big sham and I for one am not fooled. When Garris talk about Somalis we refer to them separate from ourselves, for example: Person1 asks, “is that man Garri” Person2 replies “No! He’s Somali”.

I’m in the United States of America, and have the freedom of speech (thank God!). There is no warran (spear) here, and this is only the beginning of what I have to say. As the old saying goes, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”…  If you are offended and angry, it’s a good thing, start a blog that is anti-Garri Nation, express yourself, and give voice to your idea in a civilized manner.

I am outraged by the constant ethnicity flips between Oromo and Somali, I’m tired of Garris having their feet between 3 borders (Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia), and not being recognized as an ethnic group of any of those countries. It’s frustrating to watch leaders with careless disregard for truth, promote false nationality for profit and create their own truth just “to fit in”. I’m tired of Garris who discourage inquiry of Garri Origin, and hold on to deceitful unreliable stories just so they can have a better political standing.

Garri leaders and elders have failed to provide a precise explanation of Garri origin mainly because they knowingly and unknowingly choose to hold on to fabricated political fibs which attempt to forcefully assimilate the Garri into the Somali “ethnicity” (if it can be called that). To those who support the study of Garri origin, feel free to contribute to the content of this blog, and to those who wish for this to stop, be prepared to be muckraked.


5 thoughts on “Garri Alligiance

  1. Garri are tribe of its own and whoever is hiding the truth about garri we r requesting them to bring it forwad.we as garri we are being descriminated by the so called somali.i think we r not somali at all.98%of somali people hate us alot.98%of garri do’nt even know somali.GARRI MY BLOOD TOGETHER WE SAY WE ARE NOT SOMALI.

  2. I also have huge qualms about garres being either Somalis or Oromo. I think we have a distinct culture and language separate from the above two groups. Lets embrace our uniqueness.

  3. Am so glad that I found your post because I don’t believe Garreh are Somalis. As a Kenyan who lives abroad, I have tried to do some research on our origin and happy to see that our young generations are not contempt with the idea of us being somalis or oromos.

  4. You guys are messed up and we don’t care whatever you guys are. Why are you blaming Somalis for no good reason. Me too I don’t believe you are Somalis,so i will tell you feel free to express to get express your speech, and by the way we don’t care whatever you are if you happy that in the United States. Nobody forced you to join Somali. You clan leaders are the ones. Many people tell me that Garris are Somali but I don’t believe too either. Let it came to an end.

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