Commonly Used Phrases In Garri

Research and writing about Garri people began as an attempt to understand my own ethnicity. In this attempt, the paradox of Garri origin has gotten clearer, and the preconceived notion of Garris being an East African tribe has broadened. With the gradual unveiling of the Garris trek across the continent of Africa, it appears as though Garri is not just an East African tribe but an African tribe that has historically left  evidence of its migration throughout Africa. It means a lot that people outside of East Africa can relate, and have actually heard of the Garri people. Thanks for the feedback, and as for the request about learning the Garri language on YouTube, maybe in the future. For now, here are some commonly used phrases.

-How are you?

-I’m well!

-Nageeni Badaadaa?
– How are you? (literally means: Is peace abundant?)

-Badaad! (Nageeni Badaad!)
-Peace is abundant!

Makh’aan Kanke Eenu?
-What is your name?

-Makh’aan Kiya Mahmad
-My name is Mahmad

Eesa Gaduft?
-Where are you from?

-Naarobi Gaduf.
-I’m from Nairobi.

-Hurry up (Come here)

-Nuyas (Nuas)
-Let’s go!

Laftii Hinkabanoofti.
-The weather is cold.

Laftii hinowdit.
-The weather is hot.

-Bisan na obaas.
-May I get a drink.

Deebu Khab.
-I’m thirsty.

Beel Khab.
-I’m hungry.

Sagale fed.
-I want food.

Egere walagarna!
-See you later!


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