Garri Proverbs

Today Garri Nation hits the 1 year mark. Thank you to all the people who gave both positive and negative feedback. Your opinions, and contributions are very important whether you agree or disagree with the thesis of this blog. If  your question or concern hasn’t been addressed yet, don’t worry, it will be posted. It takes time to accurately research, and write the posts that deal with specific subjects. Your requested topic will be addressed as soon as possible.

For now, these are Garri Proverbs (Mahmahdi Afaan Garri), requested by a Garri Nation Youtube subscriber (MataDhiiraa). Check out his YouTube channel, he posts great old school music in the Garri language.

1. -“Raachi Uduu Qaba?” -“Ini Gaddeema, Atumaan Arg.”
-“Does the Frog have a butt?” -“The frog is coming, see it for yourself.”

2.  “Waan Bor Injirne, Jidduu, Ho Koche.”
“If It’s Not Happening Tomorrow, Don’t Worry, Have Some Meat.”

3. “Waan Bor Injirne, Boraat Iyyeesa.”
“That which does not happen tomorrow, is the pillow of an orphan.”

4. “Dokaat Gowwaaan Diraan Mullata.”
“The hiding of an idiot can be seen from miles away.”

5. “Loon Ollaa Keenna Cufti Keennuma. Keessa Keennuma Keenna.”
“All The Cattle of Our Village Belongs to All Of Us. Amongs Those Only The Ones That Belong to Us is Truly Ours.”

6. “Bool Qayaane In Qotin. Qottullee In Fageesin. Nam Kee Buhuu In Beekani.”
“Don’t Dig The Hole of Betrayal. If You Dig It, Don’t Make It Deep. You Never Know Who’s Going To Fall In.”


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