The voicing of issues, and ideas sorrounding the Garri people, Africa, and Islam, in hopes for the Garri people to be free, to step out of ignorance, to know who they are, and to lead Africa forward.
There’s a big debate on what ethnicity the Garri people belong to. It would be interesting to get an idea of what people actually think. Please take the poll below. Thank you.

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  2. I bleave that the Garris are oromo. I say this because they speak Af-garri ( even in Somalia). Garris more close to Oromos than Somalis. Af-garri is same with Afan Boran ( Afan Oromo) and this people can communicate but Somali; unless the garris use Af-somali. Go and see the garris in somalia ( greate somalia) use Af-garri not Somali luga.

  3. Assalam aleykum. First of all, i’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you for creating this blog. It has been amongst my favourite blogs on researching the question of the real identity of garrehs. I am a young garre lady who is proud of her heritage. I love learning about my culture and language. I have so many questions and I hope they’ll be answered as I explore this blog. Shukran!

    • Munira,
      Wa alaykum Salam. Thanks for the comment. I will be posting book titles and other academic sources that have been to my assistance on the research. I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability and if I can’t someone else might be able to.


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